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Hi! You are at the Maas Farm website, home of the animals and family of the Maas Farm. This is where we share photos and information on horses, livestock, machinery, and pets that we have for sale. We also have photos and information on our stallion who is at stud. We have put together this website so you can find out more about what we have for sale and to see what those items look like. That way, you can come any time day or night and find out the information you want to know right in one convenient location. "Where is Maas Farm?" you may ask. We are located in Waseca, a small town in Southern Minnesota about an hour and a half south of the Twin Cities.

If you are looking for a horse that we're offering for sale, please check for them under the Horses for Sale page. If you want to know what foals we have, see the Foals page. We will be adding our foals there as they are born throughout the spring and summer, so please keep checking to see the new additions to the Maas Farm horse herd. If you have a mare to breed, check out the Stallions page. There, you can see the sires to our foals (these stallions are also available for stallion services). If you're looking for cattle that we have for sale, check out the Livestock page. For saddles, vehicles, machinery, and other miscellaneous items we have for sale, look at the Miscellaneous page. For dogs, cats, and other small animals, check the Pets page. Finally, go to the Links page to see some of our favorite farm-related websites. Thanks for visiting the Maas Farm website! Have fun!
-Maas Family

What's New

•7/25/09 - New pictures posted of free kittens.
•6/21/09 - Free kittens posted.
•6/20/09 - The Boer goats and JD24T baler have been sold. We still have other machinery available here.
•6/19/09 - Boer goats and JD24T posted for sale.
•5/27/09 - New pictures of Cocoa and Shianne posted. Eclipse posted for sale.

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Cody Two Skips - Our AQHA Stallion - See him under the Stallions Page

Cocoa La Sorpresa

Cocoa La Sorpresa - PtHA mare for sale - See her and others on the Horses for Sale Page.

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